Why There is a Lot of Jealousy in Swinging

There are plenty of reasons why there is a lot of jealousy in swinging. You will find that as a swinger you are going to be opening yourself as well as your partner up to new experiences. However, these experiences could end up being something that could cause a lot of jealousy between the two of you. This is something that is common so do not feel like you are wrong for feeling these things.

Sex with Others

No matter how okay you are with swinging you will find that seeing your partner have sex with somebody else is not easy to see. This is something that can end up really taking a toll on the relationship unless you know how to deal with these feelings of jealousy. Whenever you are just starting out to swinging or are new to the swinging relationship you may benefit from starting slowly swinging wise with your partner. Lay out ground rules and follow them.


You are vulnerable whenever you are having sex and you are vulnerable whenever you are in a relationship. This means that you are especially vulnerable whenever you are in a relationship as a swinger. Make sure that you and your partner know how to deal with these feelings of vulnerability.


It is a good idea for you and your partner to set up boundaries with the people that you swing with. This will help when it comes to feeling like you and your partner cannot be intimate with each other. Talk about what the boundaries will be and make sure you are both comfortable with them.

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